Made for everyday and emergency use.


Provides up to 150 PSI of air output, inflating
tires in under 8 minutes


Inflates vehicle tires, soccer balls, motorbikes, mountain bikes, floaties, exercise balls and all other inflatables


Small, compact and completely wireless, Inflate-R is the portable pump we’ve all needed.

It comes with various nozzles, including a tire attachment that plugs into the top of the device and directly into your tire. The moment you plug it in, your current PSI will appear on the LCD screen. Use the adjustment buttons (-/+) to set your desired PSI. Once set, you hit start and Inflate-R immediately drives air into your tire. When the set pressure is reached, Inflate-R automatically shuts off.

Crafted with a built-in LED flashlight and powerbank, Inflate-R keeps you prepared for any emergency.

But Inflate-R isn't just for emergencies. It's perfect for every day use, and can pump up:

  • Car tires in 8 minutes
  • Bike tires in 2 minutes
  • Basketballs in 30 seconds
  • Wheelbarrow tires in 1 minute
  • Floaties in 5 minutes

No Contact

30 Day Warranty Included

Innovative Device

What's included?

Each Inflate-R comes with:

  • car adapter
  • charging cable
  • balloon nozzle attachment
  • basketball nozzle attachment
  • car tire nozzle attachment
  • bike nozzle attachment

Product Standards and Certifications

CE (Conformite Europeenne) - Compliant with EU's health, safety and environmental requirements

ROHS (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances)

WEEE - Compliant with EU's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations

CNAS (China's National Accreditation Service)

Warranty & Shipping

Your order will ship out the day of purchase or the next day, at the latest.

Standard Domestic Shipping: 3-5 business days

Expedited Domestic Orders: 2-3 business days

International Orders: 10-15 business days

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Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks from Shark Tank, has an Inflate-R of his own! He uses Inflate-R on his flat tires and always keeps one in his backpack during bike trips. Kevin Harrington knows you can never be too prepared when it comes to road safety.

How Can You Use Inflate-R?

Inflate-R @ Work

On your way to work and discover a flat tire? Don't stress. Grab Inflate-R from your glovebox and 8 minutes later, you'll be on your way.

Forgot to plug in your phone last night? Connect your phone to Inflate-R for a battery boost!

Or perhaps you bike to work? No worries. Inflate-R easily fits in backpacks for those on-the-go!

Work in the auto industry? Toss Inflate-R in your lunch bag and bring it with you to work. Leave the heavy lifting to Inflate-R.

Are you a teacher? Store Inflate-R in your classroom for those unexpected moments. You never know when you'll need to blow up a balloon or a sports ball.

Inflate-R @ Home

Kids looking forward to a family game, but the soccer ball's deflated? No problem. Reach for your Inflate-R and you'll be ready to score in seconds.

Blowing up balloons for a birthday party? Don't waste your breath when you've got Inflate-R!

Hate pushing those deflated wheelbarrow tires? Gardening is supposed to be fun! Don't put that pressure on yourself. Instead, fill up those tires with Inflate-R.

Inflate-R is accessible to everyone. Does your loved one use a wheelchair? Offer them a boost with Inflate-R.

Other uses: air mattresses, exercise balls and sports balls

Inflate-R w/ Friends

Ready to hit the beach with your floaties? Hook up your Inflate-R to cut the blowup time in half!

Maybe you're hoping for a game of volleyball too? Pump new life into your old and drained volleyball with Inflate-R.

Staying out late and you need a flashlight? Click Inflate-R's "U-button" for a bright and powerful LED light.

Other uses: inflatable rafts, dodgeballs and paddle boards